Ordering and shopping

When visiting the Kemoton.de web shop, you can view the range of products and click on a product to direct you to the page with information about the selected product with the image and the description, and select the desired quantity of products you want to purchase. Product images do not necessarily correspond to products that are actually available for delivery. We try to state the properties of the product as accurately as possible with the possibility of minimal deviations in the description and image of the product.
The desired products are saved in the shopping cart by pressing the “Buy” button. In the cart, you can remove an individual product or add a new one, then change the quantity and select the delivery method and see the estimated cost of delivery.
By clicking on “Go to payment”, you can start the order confirmation process for products from your cart at any time.
Before payment, it is necessary to enter information about the customer, delivery address, choose the method of payment and accept the General Terms and Conditions.
By clicking on “Order” you have submitted your order and you will then receive a confirmation email with the receipt for your order.

About us

Kemoton.de is a new web store in Germany. We are a young team that offers a quality and wide range of professional cleaning, maintenance, care and hygiene products for your vehicle. We work in a very good environment and it is really a pleasure to work together. We are determined and serious in our ideas and project implementation, but we also bring fun into the business and thus contribute even more to the business. We are open to new insights, ideas and suggestions, and we strive to provide customers with the service they want, and even exceed their expectations. We are ready to introduce changes, because with quick adjustments we reach customers who return to us and that is a great reward for us.
In our range you can find products that win every day in the fight against the most stubborn stains and dirt. We place emphasis on a professional product line that meets environmental standards as well. In this way, we strive to meet the requirements of our customers, who will come back to us regularly with new needs for quality products and regular cleaning ?
We provide all users of our web store a safe and reliable purchase. The online security of our customers is of great importance to us. We always try to get your package to your desired address as soon as possible.

Company information:

Headquarters: Aleja lipa 1/F, 10 040 Zagreb
VAT: HR74618727774
Place of registration in the commercial court and number of registration: Commercial court in Zagreb – decision Tt-20 / 9239-2
Account number (IBAN): IBAN HR7525030071100070428 at Sberbank plc.
Share capital: HRK 20,000.00 (HRK) paid in full
Director: Linda Žnidarić-Zerec